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Hire Charges

Price Per Session 

Hall - £40         Meadow - £20       Additional Hours - £12

Hiring Sessions

For hiring, the day is split into 3 sessions:

Morning Session: 9am-1pm

Afternoon Session: 1pm-5pm

Evening Session: 5pm-12am

Providing the hall is available, a single booking of no more than 4 hours could straddle 2 sessions. A four hour session may be extended by booking a further session or by purchasing additional hours. 

Charges include heating and lighting, use of tables and chairs, and use of the kitchen and equipment (including crockery, cutlery etc.). The Hall also has a supply of tablecloths, and use of these can be discussed in advance to agree their laundering and return. 

The Hall must be vacated by the end of the booking. 

Hiring Days

Price Per Day

Hall - £120         Meadow - £60       Additional Hours - £12

As well as hiring the hall for a morning, afternoon or evening session, you can also hire the hall for a full day. As with hiring for a session, charges include heating and lighting, as well as use of the on-site facilities. 

*Residents of Lee and Lincombe are entitled to a 50% discount to the above rates for use of the hall. 

*Charges for hiring for a Commercial Organisation or similar are twice the normal hiring rates. 

Hiring For Events & Functions

Separate hiring arrangements apply for any major functions, such as wedding reception bookings. 

The Standard Package - £400

The Standard package for the hall is a 3 day hire, with the event being on the middle day so there is a day either side for setting up and clearing away. 

+ Damage Deposit - £100

For any major events at the hall, including weddings, a Damage Deposit also needs to be paid in addition to the hire charge. This is returnable after the function providing everything is in order. 

Events Marquee in Meadow - £300

For your event, if you wanted to make use of Pixie Meadow and erect an Events Marquee, we would charge £300 including the hire of the meadow for a maximum period of 5 days. 

Use of Pixie Meadow - £60 per day

For use of the meadow during your wedding for any organised or planned activities, such as a hog roast or gazebo being put up, it costs £60 a day

*For Residents of Lee there is a 20% discount

Before booking, we encourage potential hirers to contact us and arrange a site visit, giving you the opportunity to view the hall and grounds and ask any questions you may have. 

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