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Lee Village
Flower Show

The Lee Village Flower has been going for almost a century, it started in the early 1930s and has been going strong ever since, only taking a brief pause during the COVID pandemic. It's a great village event bringing the community together, with a bit of friendly competition mixed in.

It is split into different cataegories, which are:

Floral Art |  Domestic  |  Produce  |  Cut Flowers  |  Pot Plants  |  Handicrafts  | Childrens

You can choose to enter whatever you want out of the selection, there are no limits or minimum number of entries.

Each section is judged, and you can place first, second and third, which are all worth points. There is a winner for each category, and an overall winner of the Flower Show - so every point does count. Below you can see the shiny trophies you can win and keep on display in your house for a year! - they also get engraved with your name.

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Flower Show 2024

Preparations have begun for this year's Flower Show, everything you need to know about this year's event is below.

Coffee Morning:

The Flower Show kicks off with our annual Coffee Morning, where we sell physical copies of the schedule and entry forms, and of course, the much anticipated Chairman's Choice Fuchsia.

When: Monday 6th May (Bank Holiday)

Time: 10:30am-12:30pm

Entry: £2 per person including tea, coffee and a biscuit. Children Free.

What's On: Raffle |  Plant Stall  | Cake Stall 

If you can't make the Coffee morning, have no fear, below is the electronic version of the schedule you can download.

Flower Show Schedule 2024

Flower Show Entry Form2024

Entry Form

If you would like to enter the Flower Show online, please complete the form below. Or you can complete the PDF form and hand to a member of the committee.

Please help to support the Flower Show by entering as many times as you can!

Complete the below forms for each section to enter into the show.

Include the Category, quantity (Qty) for each entry you wish to enter. If you are not entering a section you can leave this blank.

Please put a X (cross) after the number of exhibits if they are NOT FOR SALE towards show expenses.

Enteries are 20p each, free for children. You can pay when you drop off your entries.

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