Charity Trustees (as of November 2021)

 Name  Role  Status
 Lyndon Worrall  Chair  Co-opted
 Martin Johncock  Village Rep, Vice-Chair  Elected  to 2022
 Jane Johncock  Secretary, Watercolour Group Rep  Appointed
 Enid Bowman  Womens' Institute Rep  Appointed
 Pat Coates  General Trustee  Co-opted
 Geoff Hills  Village Rep  Elected to 2024
 Hilary Humphries   Church Rep  Appointed
 Dan Jane  General Trustee  Co-opted
 Tony Mortimer  Village Rep  Elected to 2023
 Eleanor Scarrott  Village Rep  Elected to 2023
 Lucy Scarrott  Flower Show Rep  Elected to 2024
 Matt Smith  Village Rep  Appointed
 Chelsea Wills  Village Rep  Elected to 2022



 Edna Thompson  Treasurer  

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