Copy of Charity Regsitration Certificate

Lee Memorail Hall was originally constituted under a Deed of Trust dated 18 July 1923.  This covered the needs of fund-raising and organisation for the initial build as well as the ongoing management of the hall once the work was completed.

Deed of Trust

The Deed of Trust placed these responsibilities in the hands of three Trustees (new referred to as the Holding Trustees).  Whilst these Trustees had ultimate power of veto, they placed the day to day runing of the hall in the hands of a Management Committee.

Registered Charity

In August 1977 the Hall was registered as a Charity (Reg. No. 273940). 


Under a Constitution revised at the 2003 Annual General Meeting, members of the Management Committee are elected, appointed or co-opted on an annual basis with the officers being elected from the membership of the Management Committee. An amendment to the Constitution was agreed at the 2011 Annual General Meeting that the Committee shall be composed of the three HoldingTrustees together with:-

 – Six nominees from village organisations elected annually at the AGM;
 – Three persons from the village elected annually at the AGM;


The Management Committee members are also formally recognised as Trustees by the Charity Comissioners, and are generally referred to as the Management Trustees.

Name Role Trustee
 Alan Bannister  Chair, Church Rep  MT
 Martin Johncock  Vice-Chair  HT
 Jane Johncock  Secretary, Watercolour Group Rep  MT
 Edna Thompson  Treasurer  Coopt
 Trevor Greaves  Residents' Association Rep  MT
 Sandy Hanson  Village Rep  MT
 Geoff Hills  Vilage Rep  MT
 Tony Mortimer  Village Rep  MT
 Steve Poore  Village Rep  HT
 Eleanor Scarrott  WI Rep.  MT
 Bennett Wright  Village Rep.  MT
 Becca Wyles  Mini-Monsters' Rep.  MT

 * MT - Management Trustee; HT Holding Trustree; Coopt- Coopted Member.


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